What We Do

Cyber Justice Watch is a non-governmental organization with the aim of developing global peace and stability, especially through cyberspace, which started its work process in the last months of 2021.
We have a cyberspace exploration research center that studies cyberspace’s development, dynamics, norms, and standards and assesses the requirements for international law and justice development related to cyberspace issues.
Our endeavors focus on formulating and proposing strategic cyberspace governance frameworks.
We are considering protecting vulnerable entities, including groups and persons, and achieving peace and justice in cyberspace, attempting to amend and improve international rules and regulations to promote responsible behavior in cyberspace, and providing solutions and Innovations for cyber governance.
“Cyber Justice Watch Institute” acts as an entity monitoring violence and breaches of cyberspace rules and laws.
We are investigating and analyzing any acts of hatred or fake news that lead to violence in the international community and cooperating with national courts or international institutions to make appropriate decisions and prevent such acts of violence in cyberspace.
We attempt to pursue all criminals and transgressors of human rights and broachers of humanitarian principles who will be held accountable to the law and justice. We believe that a world having peace, justice, and solidarity of human beings, which guarantees human dignity and the promotion of well-being, should be provided for everyone.
As you are aware, unpleasant events have been flowing in various countries since September of 2022 and have had remarkable effects on Iran and its citizens. We are writing as academic and independent jurists to express our distress about these events.